1. Xelerate These lightweight Bluetooth earphones you need for training and everyday routine. 8 hours playing time, quick-charge, aptX™ sound quality. water-resistant (IPX5) and solid construction. Check it out!
    NOK  799,00
  2. E7/1000 Earbuds

    Waterproof true wireless technology! These earbuds give you up to 24 hours of playback time and an extra boost for your workouts. Automatic pairing and several accessories included for the perfect fit in all ears.  

    Bluetooth 5.0, 24-hours playing time, Waterproof (IPX7), microphone and Comply™ tips included.  

    NOK  1 499,00
  3. KYGO E4/1000 Øretelefoner Med justerbare kabler med refleks, ørepropper som tåler svette og regn, og med hele seks timers spilletid, er E4/100 akkurat det du trenger når du trener og tar deg helt ut.
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  4. KYGO E4/600 Øretelefoner These lightweight wireless earphones are perfect for an urban lifestyle. Bluetooth technology lets you move freely without compromising great sound quality.
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