Integrity policy

Social and Ethical responsability

All manufacturers are audited according to the SA8000 standard or Sedex (SMETA) where aspects like freely chosen employment, adequate wages, safe and hygienic working conditions are inspected, as well as  the  absence of child labor and discrimination. All audits are performed by a 3rd part audit company. Environmental safety is also tested and documented by certificates

Ethical Treatment of animals:

X by Kygo has animal welfare high on our agenda, and we source our wool from a European spinner who has steel control on their value chain, and does not allow mulesing or any mistreatment of the sheep. For the time being, this means we are not sourcing any wool from Australia. We are closely monitoring the standards related to wool through our subcontractors, and plan to embrace those that become operative. Our chosen spinner is also in a stellar class when it comes to eco-innovation and new technology challenging problematic environmental issues.

Quality Assurance Standard:

X by Kygo AS Quality Assurance Standard is developed to assist control quality and mantaing a high standard of customer satisfaction. QAS assists the company to good management practices, improve quality, reduce risk, measure effectiveness and increase productivity.

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