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Experience a new way of customizing your sound. Move the dot through four unique cities, with four unique sound experiences – each with a special meaning to Kygos journey, so far.

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The music capital where Kygo had two of the most important concerts of his career at the legendary Hollywood Bowl. It gives a deeper sound image, emphasizing the lounge grooves. It’s that feel-good sound you want for your laid-back moments.


Akustisk / Piano

This is the stripped-down sound
image, capturing the simplicity of
Kygos hometown Bergen. It’s the
perfect sound for quiet times and
quiet music, with crisp
and clear sound.


Electronica / House

Bass, electronic house beats, tropical vibes – Kygo performs on Ibiza more often than any  other place. This sound image brings the party, pushing the bass and beats to the forefront.


Electronica / House

New York, where Kygo held is first
stadium concert, is the home of
Hip Hop and urban rhythms. This sound
image brings out the beats for all your
favorite RnB and Hip hop tracks.

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