1. Xenon

    Make a statement and stand out from the crowd while listening to your favourite tunes. The iconic XENON noise-cancelling headphones give you 24 hours playback time with world-class sound quality developed by Kygo.

    Active Noise-Cancelling, Bluetooth 5.0, 24-hours playing time, carrying case and much more!  

    USD 199.90
  2. Kygo A3/600 Headphones

    Great everyday comfort and style, with no strings attached. Just one charge gives you up to 23 hours playing time, with superior AAC® Bluetooth sound quality, approved by Kygo. 

    FEATURES: Microphone, foldable, carrying bag, 3,5mm jack cable included.

    USD 89.90
  3. KYGO A11/800 Headphones

    Kygo A11/800 are perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of what’s happening around you. Whether you’re doing business on the go, studying or unwinding, you can now be in complete musical bliss by enjoying all the benefits that come with these ultramodern noise-cancelling headphones.

    FEATURES: Active Noise-Cancelling, Bluetooth 5.0, up to 40 hours playing time, Kygo Sound App and carrying case included.

    USD 249.00
  4. KYGO A9/600 Headphones

    Classic headphones with a sleek design that are comfortable to wear. They provide 23 hours of playing time with genuine sound quality featuring rich bass and clear highs. Change and adapt the soundscape of the headphones through the Kygo Sound App.

    Bluetooth 4.2, 23-hours playing time, NFC pairing, memory foam ear cushions and much more! 

    Out of stock
  5. KYGO A6/500 Headphones

    The perfect lightweight headphones to match an urban and cool style. The super slim design with ultra-soft protein leather gives you hours of your favourite tracks without any cables to get in the way.

    FEATURES: Kygo Sound App, 18 hours playing time, NFC pairing, aptX and AAC sound quality, and much more!

    Out of stock
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